Saturday, January 9, 2010

Daniel Carcillo fine? BULLS*#@!

Daniel Carcillo has been fined for making a "throat-slashing" gesture towards the Toronto Maple Leafs bench on 1/6/2010.

NHL...Really? Are you kidding me?

Let me tell you something about this fine...It is garbage. Daniel Carcillo received this fine because Daniel Carcillo is a Flyer and because his name is Daniel Carcillo. If James vanRiemsdyk did it, there'd be no fine probably. If Illya Kovalchuk did this, there'd definitely be no fine.

It is madness and I think the NHL needs to get their act together and STOP penalizing a team/player based off of reputation and rather, the singular event that is being judged.

But in the mean time... keep on rocking, Danny.


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