Thursday, June 17, 2010

Daniel Briere Involved in Car Accident

Quoted from Philadelphia Daily News:

Flyers forward Danny Briere escaped serious injury this morning when his SUV collided with a tractor-trailer near Binghamton, New York, police said.

Briere and his 9-year-old son Cameron were headed north on I-81 about 12:30 a.m. just north of the Pennsylvania state line.

Briere, driving a 2010 Range Rover, was passing a tractor-trailer when he became drowsy and drifted into the right-hand lane, said Sgt. Steven Barlow, spokesman for the New York State Police.

Wow...I was stunned to read this. It instantly had me thinking of the great Pelle Lindbergh, who was involved in a fatal car crash, prematurely ending an outstanding career.

Thank God this is not the case.

Let me say something about Danny Briere for a moment:

I'll be honest, I'm not really a fan of him as a player. Outside of the playoffs, I don't think he attempts to hit enough. I think his salary has "hamstringed" our salary cap situation, not necessarily earning the 6.5 Million dollar cap hit. He does his best work behind the net and with other excellent play-makers. Also, he doesn't have any killer instinct that I'm aware of.

But that's only one side of Danny.

The other side consists of a man, who despite all of the critics (just like myself), comes out and plays his heart out for his hockey team. Despite being booed in Montreal every time he touches the puck, he continues to go out and stick it to them. And lastly, despite immense fame and fortune he has...he has never, EVER, forgotten about the fans.

I collect sports autographs, particularly hockey. I find collecting the signature of a player to be like holding a piece of history in your hand. One of the players I have had the privilege of meeting in person, as well as sending a photo to be signed, is Daniel Briere.

Twice I've met the man. Twice he was extremely nice. That's not always the case with professional athletes (for various reasons, but regardless, it's impressive). Also, Briere took part in the mini-project I started in which I sent out questionnaires to be answered. I've received two back. He's one of the two.

Daniel is also a different kind of man. Sometimes, you can get a gauge as to the personalities of players on the ice. Sometimes you can when they're off-ice. Danny is the same guy on and off the ice. There's a quiet way about him that just screams "I am just a very nice guy." He has a charity called "The Briere Bunch", where you can purchase custom hats signed by Danny, that benefits the Flyers Wives Charities, the Daniel Briere Foundation and also Camp Good Days & Special Times.

It's entirely genuine, too.

I don't want to continue to ramble, but I want to end this post with a plea to you, the reader.

If you are a fan of Danny's, or have at all changed your opinion about him after reading this post, I strongly urge you to write him a letter. It could be a letter about how you enjoy his charities, his play, or even send a Get-well card.

I'm going to, because this man deserves it.

Here is the address to write him your message.

Daniel Briere
c/o Philadelphia Flyers
3601 South Broad St
Philadelphia, PA 19148

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