Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh, Danny Boy...

There has been an amazing development at the Batt-Man house...

I received in the mail yesterday something that is very special to me, and meant SPECIFICALLY for the readers of my dear blog (The quality of my fans is more important than quantity, remember that.

In a series of special treats I had planned for you folks, I sent out questionnaire's to some of the best and brightest Philadelphia Flyers out there, past and present, in an attempt to get some inside access on their thoughts towards different topics of our choosing.

The first letter to be sent back was by... drum roll......


This is a great victory for the Live From Broad Street people. I am very happy.

Have I built this up enough? This is the best thing ever.ever. I have received a few autographs from the strapping young man, and they don't even touch this time-consuming piece of letter he sent to me.

Without further delay... Here it is.

(Click to make it readable)

I know it is only 5 questions, and 5 questions that some may find stupid and/or irrelevant, but it is what I wanted people to know, SO BACK OFF! (Billy Madison style).

That is just the first one for you guys...I expect plenty more to come, including many tough customer's!

I hope you enjoyed very very much.

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