Friday, July 24, 2009


HELLO fans. Sorry, I haven't been updating much, but there really isn't a whole lot to update in Flyer-land.

For those who need my site for their fix on the Flyers, here's what has happened since I last wrote:

The Flyers announced the signings of 5: Jason Ward, Krys Kolanos, Mika Pyorala and Joey Mormina to one-year contracts. They have also signed Lukas Kaspar to a one-year deal, the only player that I think has a prayer of making the team.

That's it, really. Oh, more fun news is that the Cote Carnival 2009 is going to have Ray Emery as a guest this year. He is the only other player officially signed on to be making an appearance at the moment.

If you would like tickets, go to

Check back for more updates, including a special series I have for you guys!

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