Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flyers Flying to Fenway?

WELL, wasn't I surprised last night when my good buddy TheRick sent me an instant message with an artcle link that gave me VERY excellent news ( at least for me it was).

Apparently, despite several reports that the Washington Capitals will be playing the Boston Bruins on January 1st in this season's Winter Classic, NBC has infact stepped up to the NHL and said they want the Flyers to play Boston instead.

It has to be pimrarily from a ratings standpoint. Either way, Boston isn't really a rival with either team, but there is a tiny bit of history between BOS and Phi; Philly won their first Cup against the Bruins in the 70's...as well as the two teams being some of the best in the Eastern Conference.

Either way, I'm thrilled IF it goes down how the reports have gone. Since it's Jan. 1, I plan on being on winter break from school, and will be making a road trip up to Boston for this game with friends.

Getting tickets will be the b***h, but I have to try, right?


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