Monday, June 29, 2009

Pronger Analysis


I apologize that I haven’t written up a blog yet about the Flyers AMAZING SUPER AWESOME TRADE of former-St. Louis Blue, Harftord Whaler, Anaheim Duck and Edmonton Oiler: Chris Pronger (I have a job, lay-off...fuckers).

Is it putting it too lightly when I say that I am THRILLED about it?!?!? When I turned on the Draft, the first thing we hear is that “Reports are saying the Chris Pronger has been traded to the Philadelphia Flyers”… I had the same feeling I had when I heard that the Flyers had signed Peter Forsberg. I knew it was a player who would come in here and instantly be the best 1 or 2 guys on the roster. Plus, I had the two crazy girls from Puck Huffers call and say “Congratulations Kevin on Chris Pronger!”… those crazy girls knew I’d be going nuts.

Of course, I didn’t put a lot of thought into who we gave up for him. I knew it’d be this year’s first, and/or probably James Van Riemsdyk. I was also THINKING it would be Joffrey Lupul, but it could’ve been Carle as well. Now for what we actually gave up…I’m kind of sad. I loved Luca Sbisa and what he brought to the table (plus, it was fun to say his name with an Italian accent “LuCa-SbIsa!”), but Chris Pronger is a top 5-defenseman in the entire NHL; yes, he IS better than anyone the Penguins, Rangers, or Devils have (I refuse to even mention the Isles in this discussion). Yes, he will create two defensive pairings that will help shut down Malkin and Crosby every time we play. And, yes, he will add more toughness to our team, which will make every team in the NHL think twice about taking any liberties.

It is unfortunate that we gave up two 1st’s and Sbisa, but I think our prospect pool is deep enough to take the hit; we have Maroon, Nodl, JVR as wingers coming up the pipe still, with Marshall and Bourdon as the top defensive prospects. I’m not worried. 4/6 of our defense is under 25 years old as it is.

I think this move, barring a Ray Emery meltdown, makes us one of the top 2 teams in the Eastern Conference next season (Phi and Bos). Sorry Pens, I really just don’t think you guys will have the magic to pull games from us this upcoming season. If the Flyers win the Cup this year, no one can complain about this trade; it accomplishes exactly what it was supposed to.

Brian Burke said it best himself: “Chris Pronger was born to wear orange”.

09-10 Stanley Cup Champions!


  1. Are you saying you expect the Penguins to be worse next year, or that you expect Boston and the Flyers to improve that much next year? I think if the Bruins lose Kessel they'll be dropping off more than the penguins, and I wont argue that the flyers are probably right up there for the top spot. Just wondering if you have a reason to think the Pens will drop off some next season.

  2. I think that the Pens will drop SLIGHTLY, Boston will drop more because of Kessel but not a ton, and I think Philly only gets better.