Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP Jackson/ My hopes of landing J-Bo...

First, I’d like to start this blog by taking the time to say brief words about the former King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

It’s very sad to see the guy go…I wasn’t around to see his prime, during his “Thriller” days, but I had grown to love that song, and just his talent in-general. The problem for me is that, I became a fan when he was already an alleged child molester, when he had already screwed up his appearance, and when he wasn’t making amazing music anymore (when was his last great hit? I can’t even remember). It’s hard for me to be sad in a sentimental way, rather I just find it to be a very unfortunate thing to lose an icon as big as he was.

You will be missed, despite the molestation charges (which I think you did at least once), and the wacked-out behavior. You were given a true gift from God, and you shared it with everyone.

P.s. I wish I could feel worse for the loss of Farrah Fawcett as well, but I really knew nothing about her. I just know she was gorgeous and was everyone’s favorite Angel. Sorry you were upstaged on the day of your death.

and now on to hockey...


Well, it is the day before the NHL Draft, and I've only had my hopes DWINDLED down from what they were of landing defenseman Jay Bouwmeester. I was confident, extremely confident infact about obtaining his rights, but for some hope as gone out the window.

I've read that Bouwmeester hasn't/won't give his agent permission to speak with any team right now, which tells me he is interested in only going to free agency. That's a BAD scenario for the Flyers if that's the case...we don't have the cash to compete with teams like Vancouver or Toronto.

I do have hope of obtaining Toronto defenseman Tomas Kaberle. TSN's Darren Drager has reported that one NHL club has made a significant offer to the Leafs GM and he is mulling it over. Could this be the Flyers? Do you want it to be the Flyers?

I think I want it to. He makes $4.25 Million for the next 2 seasons, and puts up points (which our defensemen DON'T do), and will allow us to keep our core together.

The question is, who do you trade for him? Would you give up JVR, Giroux, or Sbisa? There's only one guy of those 3 I'd give up, and he's actually the best pick we've had in years: JVR. Make a package and do the deal, Paul. I've been very un-impressed with Riemer, and I HOPE he doesn't go, but if push comes to shove...sorry man.

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