Monday, June 22, 2009

Knuble Wants To Stay/ Jay-Bo Loophole?

Alright, so I was reading an article for Flyers blogger Timmy Panacchio about the possibilities of re-signing Mike Knuble, in addition to shedding cap space for a D-Man ::COUGH COUGH:: Jay Bouwmeester.

Knuble expressed his interest in re-signing, as well as the Flyers’ interest in bringing him back. It is just the final cap number (which will be released around Friday or Saturday) that is holding back both sides from getting the deal done. Knuble is very adamant about a multi-year contract with Philadelphia, and despite saying he’s open to a one-year deal…I don’t think he is.

What do the Flyers do?

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Use the CBA rule for over-35 players and give him an incentive laden contract (as mentioned in the article). As long as he can make as much, if not more, than he did last season but have most of it not count against our cap figure, than who cares? I know it isn’t as simple as how I put it, but if the incentives can be obtained realistically by Knuble, I don’t see there being much of a problem between the two parties getting a deal done.

I hope we keep Mike around; he’s the only guy with a ring on the team and stands his ground in front of the net. What a stud.

And to address the salary cap situation to sign someone this summer: The Flyers have about 6 Million dollars left under the current cap number. They need two forwards, and a defenseman. One of those forwards could/SHOULD be Knuble, the other should be a 3rd/4th line defensive center who can take faceoffs (Mike Zigomanis anyone?), and the last should be a major upgrade on defense.

Now, Jay Bouwmeester is a total pipe-dream, BUT it is possible. As per the article, Jay-Bo will command a multi-year deal at around 7 Million a year (I’m thinking he’d take 6.5 Million though, who’s just my opinion anyway). Between a Knuble and Ziggy, there’d be like 4 Million left in space.

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Now here is where it gets interesting: 4 Million clearly isn’t enough for J-Bo, but there is a rule in the CBA that allows a team to go over the cap by 5% until the beginning of the upcoming season; the Flyers can take advantage of this rule.

Let’s assume that the cap stays exactly the same at 56.7 Million. 5% of that is 2.835 million. Add remaining space to that number, and you get around 6.8 Million in space. If you can find a way to sign J-Bo for that this summer, Homer can spend the rest of his time trying to move that extra 5% of space somewhere.

It isn’t the most genius scenario, but it should be an option for sure.

Alright, that’s enough of my awesome mumbo-jumbo. THANKS FOR READING!


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